Bansko - Bulgaria's “Little Switzerland”

четвъртък, 12 март 2009 г.

Arriving by Car

By car

Bansko lies two-and-a-half hours’ drive from Sofia, although journey time can lengthen to three or four hours on busy weekends (when getting out of Sofia is often half the problem). Quickest route is to take the main E79 south to Simitli, from where a well-marked east-bound turn leads over the Predela Pass to Bansko. Parts of the Simitli-Bansko road have been re-surfaced and offer a smooth ride. Several kilometres in the middle however are still badly surfaced and can be slow going.

Construction work in Bansko itself has made it a difficult town to navigate: some roads are blocked off altogether and road signs are either non-existent or unhelpful

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